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The Women Bloggers LLC is
100% Self Financed and Woman Owned

Stephanie Buckley, Founder & CEO

Stephanie is a savvy marketer with years of experience leveraging the brand/influencer relationship through content marketing. And, she truly knows it and understand it because she has been a part of the building of the influencer world. Starting out as a blogger over 12 years ago, she has built a community of women who are natural megaphones and amplifiers, and their talent in curating and sharing content combined with life experiences and strong opinions as parents and consumers. This makes The Women Bloggers LLC, this makes us one of the most unique and authentic talent agency’s that  partners and brands will encounter. 

Rhonda Franz, GirlFriday

Rhonda Franz writes articles and essays for clients and to-do lists for her three lively boys. A licensed educator and domestic chef, she oversees her children’s schooling and cooks enormous batches of food in a tiny kitchen. Rhonda manages household operations alongside her pilot husband’s unpredictable flight schedule, using many of the adventures for writing work that has been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul and parenting magazines around the country. Her Pandora radio stations include Hymns, Motown, Mozart, and Aerosmith. 

Julie Kohl

Gina Knuppenburg, Creative Content Curator

Gina K is the owner and creative director at Seek Creative, a creative firm specializing in social media management, virtual assistant services, and project management. She’s also the blogger behind Desperately Seeking Gina, a lifestyle blog in search of inspiration for creative living. She loves long talks about SEO, holding mobiles, sharing a good food post, and looking deeply into the webcam. Really, she loves all those things but what she is really passionate about is helping clients find the creativity to set apart their small businesses whether that be through helping them on the back end with the boring stuff like administrative tasks or creating, designing, implementing a social media strategy that is unique and totally structured to suit their business. Gina lives with her fiancé in a tiny cottage, in a quiet cove, on the shores of Greer’s Ferry Lake in Arkansas.

FTC Compliance & Quality Gals

Olga Aragon