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Our Clients:   We work directly with numerous clients ranging from financial institutions and state government programs to marketing and public relations agencies.

Our Influencers:   Our primary concern is that our contributors be savvy content crafters and marketers with deep ties to their communities.  We are far more interested in what you blog and tweet about, how you weave a great, authentic story, how connected you are in your community and where you have contributed to other websites and publications than your page views and stats.  The Women Bloggers serves as a talent scout for our clients for PAID OPPORTUNITIES, which requires us to have current and accurate information on all prospective contributors.  The Women Bloggers uses GroupSpaces for TALENT BOOK influencers.

  • It takes advantage of online solutions so all information is cloud-based.
  • The information we receive from all our partners is consistent.
  • The selected tools are free to you, easily available and simple to use.
  • Contributors may update or adjust their bios at any time without sending us multiple new versions to keep track of and file – we will always have the most current information you provide to us.

To be in The Women Bloggers Talent Book, you need to:

Review the Influencer Agreement. As noted, if you sign up for the Talentbook via GROUPSPACES and hit submit, you agree to influencer terms.

1. Go SIGN UP for a FREE  account here. This enables you to enter all your bio information AND update as you need to with me seeing your latest and greatest information.


2. Fill out The Talent Book in GroupSpaces. It will take less than 10 minutes.

The Women Bloggers gives priority in recommending contributors who have excellent writing skills and a track record of published content for local, statewide, regional, national and international websites and publications to our clients.

3. Make sure to add GroupSpaces as a contact in your email so you do not miss out if it mistakenly goes to spam!

After you submit the info, I will go in and approve. You will then be able to sign back in and see your information. Until I approve, it may come up blank.

Again, please read the influencer agreement.