Who Is An Influencer?

An Influencer is someone who has impact on a specific group of people. But really, this is a loaded question because, quite frankly, an Influencer can be anyone, and anyone can be influential on something. In fact, everyone is influential on some level.

On the social web, an Influencer is someone who has a targeted network of followers in some capacity and when they speak, tweet, blog, or update, others listen and take action accordingly. Influencers can have 1 million followers online, or they can have 100 followers. As a brand, you will have to figure out what kind of Influencer fits your business best. A major player like Nike might be able to find celebrity Influencers that have millions of followers, but for a niche brand that’s very unrealistic.

In my humble opinion, it’s better to have an Influencer with 100 super, super, super targeted fans and followers that linger on each word they say, than someone with 10,000 followers who aren’t really engaged or listening.


Where Do You Find Your Influencers?

You do not have to, I have built a community of influential social media ladies in seven states (with more to come). Here is the difference when working with The Women Bloggers, we started out as a place to gather, grow, and connect these women. We have organically built  a community where I am a trusted source. I know these ladies and I know that they will work hard for you.

Bloggers are very Influential and they have shelf-life. Meaning, when they blog about you, that blog post is going to have a longer lasting effect than the campaign itself. Plus, bloggers often carry Influence in their other social channels.

Contact stephanie@thewomenbloggers.com to start working with targeted bloggers, by niche, by state,  by brand today.